Catering Menu

  • Pastas 

  • Cheese Tortellini

  • Eggplant Lasagna

  • Meat Lasagna

  • Pennine Rigate

  • Salads $3.95 per person

  • Assorted Baby Greens Salad

    Assorted baby greens salad

  • Bouquet of Holland Salad

    Bouquet of Holland marsh greens with papaya and grapefruit in a balsamic dressing

  • Broccoli and Cherry Tomato Salad

    Broccoli and cherry tomato salad with a lemon lime dressing

  • Endive Salad

    Endive salad with cherry tomatoes, english cucumber and sweet peppers in a lemon dressing

  • German Potato Salad

    German potato salad with chopped dill pickle, egg on a secret mayo dressing.

  • Greek Salad

    Greek salad with Feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, black olives, sweet pepper, red onions, Mediterranean

  • Julius Caesar Salad

    Julius Caesar Salad with Romaine Lettuce croutons with caesar dressing

  • Organic Greens Salad

    Organic Greens Salad with organic blueberries and apple with a white balsamic dressing.

  • Pesto Pasta Salad

    Pesto Pasta salad with green onions, sweet peppers with pesto dressing.

  • Spinach Kale Salad

    Spinach & kale salad with cucumber, black olives, cherry tomatoes, balsamic dressing

  • Three Bean Mexican Salad

    Three bean Mexican salad with corn, chick beans and black olives in a vinaigrette dressing.