Sandwich Platters Toronto

Sandwich Platters Toronto above the rest! Affordable and delicious sandwich platters for any occasion. A Fresh and healthy choice we serve no processed meats due to their high salt content . We use only fresh meats and produce in our handcrafted sandwiches platters.

Our Artisan Sandwiches

1. Chicken breast roasted in a whole wheat wrap with organic greens, tomato with a Dijon mayo and carrot.

2. Oven roasted and seasoned turkey breast on dark rye fully garnished with organic greens, tomato, English cucumber with a Dijon mustard.

3. Oven roasted New York sirloin on a crispy roll with organic greens, garlic mayonnaise, fresh tomato, and cucumber.

4. Atlantic salmon filet pan fried and topped with mushroom, onion, sweet pepper, organic greens on a crusty roll.

5. Smoked salmon and cream cheese with sliced onion, organic greens on a bagel.

6. Chopped egg with organic greens on dark eye.

7. Vegetarian wrap grilled vegetables with Feta cheese.

All sandwiches are fully garnished.

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Hot Italian Sandwiches

Papamio’s hot Italian sandwich combos are fully garnished and come with a caesar salad and assorted drinks.

VealPork SchnitzelMeat Ball
Chicken BreastNew York SteakHot Italian Sausage

$15.95 per serving / Minimum order 12
Price is subject to applicable taxes

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