Papamio's Handcrafted Artisan Platters

All platters are fully garnished by fresh buns and creamery butter.

1. Whole Atlantic smoked salmon side platter beautifully decorated and sliced into individual portions garnished with capers, cream cheese, lemon wedge quarters, pumpernickel squares.
2. Grilled Salmon kebob platter. Grilled with sweet peppers & red onion with an oyster sauce. Mininimum order wo dozen. Prices are shown are per dozen. $36.00 per dozen.
3.Grilled chicken breast kebob platter.Marinated chicken breast, grilled red onion and sweet pepper with a teriyaki sauce. Minimum order 2 dozen prices shown are per dozen. $33.00 per dozen.
4.Grilled Beef Tenderloin Kebob platter. Marinated beef tenderloin grilled with sweet pepper and red onion. Minimum order 2 dozen prices show are per dozen. $38.00 per dozen.
5.Mini Bamboo Skewers Platter.

  • Coriander and honey chicken. $33.00 per dozen

  • Asian sesame beef with ginger and chilli $36.00 per dozen

  • Sesame crust tuna with wasabi lime. $40.00 per dozen

  • Grilled Mexican shrimp. $54.00 per dozen

6.Cold Hors D'oeuvres Platter

  • Peppercorn pate on pumpernickel

  • shrimp and cucumber on pumpernickel

  • chopped egg and cavier on pumpernickel

  • rare roast beef canope

  • hummus on mini pitas

  • Minimum order 2 dozen. Prices shown are per dozen. $24.00 per dozen

MarcusBHandcrafted Artisan Platters