Papamio’s Dine-in Menu

Our dine-in menu is always changing, but one thing that will never change is the quality of the food we serve. Drop by our restaurant if you are near Christie & Dupont for the very finest Italian sandwiches. You will not be disappointed.

Papamio's Famous Italian Sandwiches
All our sandwiches come on a fresh baked crusty roll, fully garnished with mushroom, caramelized red onion, sweet peppers, topped with Papamio's tomato and hot sauce.

1. Award Winning Succulent Veal or Chicken Sandwich $12.75

2. Make Mine a New York Steak Sandwich $15.95 New York Striploin Steak Seasoned to Perfection

3. The Royal Bismark Pork Schnitzel Sandwich $12.75 Spectacularly Fully Garnished Porkloin Topped with a Fried Egg.

4. Luigi's Meat Ball Sandwich $12.75 Two Delicious Meat Balls Fully Garnished

5. Hot Italian Sandwich $9.95 Succulent Italian Sausage Fully Garnished

6. The Bellissimo Vegetarian Eggplant Sandwich $12.75 Two Large Eggplant Slices Dipped in our Secret Batter, Panfried, Fully Garnished with Cheese, Tomato Sauce, and Hot Sauce.

7. The All Day Breakfast Sandwich $12.75 Canadian Back Bacon, Two Eggs, Fully Garnished, Topped with Tomato Sauce and Hot Sauce.

Extra Cheese $2.25

Papamio's Specialty Sandwiches

8. The Magnifico Hot Chicken Club Sandwich $12.75 Chicken Breast Pan Fried with Garlic, Mayo, Canadian Back Bacon, Tomato, Crispy Lettuce, & Hot Sauce/div>

9. Tuscany Pork Loin Sandwich $12.75 Pan Fried with Garlic, Mayo, Sweet Pepper, Onion, Mushrooms, and Hot Sauce


Coffee $1.85

Espresso $2.25

Americano $3.25

Tea $2.35

Soft Drink (Coke, Diet Coke, Canada Dry,A&W Root Beer, Diet A&W Root Beer, Sprite, Nestea Lemon) $1.50

Water $1.50

Juice $3.75

Brio $2.50

Cookies $1.75

Salted Chocolate Chip

Peanut Butter

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Crinkle

Cherry Almond

“Taste at its Finest”

• Corporate Functions • Business Luncheons
• Corporate Picnics • Weddings
• Event Functions • Boat Cruises
• Cocktail Receptions

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