best veal sandwich Toronto

Best Veal Sandwich Toronto

Whether its in the scorching heat or the chilly breeze, a Toronto veal sandwich is a meal fit for all. The best sandwiches will have an assortment of nicely baked fresh bread, the main star ingredient of the dish and an enriching yet nuance sauce that brings all the elements together. Here, at Papamio’s we offer you nothing but the best of the best.

Our famous Italian sandwiches are considered to be the best and the most authentic in Toronto. Using fresh baked crusty rolls, the sandwiches incorporate tantalizing garnished mushrooms, crispy caramelized red onions and organically grown sweet peppers. Our rich homemade basil pesto combined with the perfect ratio of tomato and hot sauce binds all the ingredients together and creates our signature taste.
Considered to be one of the best Toronto veal sandwiches, our award winning Succulent Veal Sandwich is a must have. Get a hit of the authentic Italian flavor as each and every ingredient explodes with a fervor of its own in your mouth.

What makes this sandwich so special?

The one distinguishing factor for this sandwich is the produce used as the star ingredient. While the chicken option for this sandwich is just as good, people come from all over the city for our specially prepared veal. In the midst of all the mushrooms, sweet peppers and caramelized onions lies the one of a kind veal. It is carefully prepared over the course of time. First the meat is tenderized. Then, it is thoroughly coated with a bread crumb casing and then sent to the frying pan for a gentle fry. The end result is a hearty piece of perfectly cooked veal that is placed in the middle of the sandwich. It is truly a satisfyingly tasty treat!

With each bite you take, you experience what is truly, the best Toronto veal sandwich. Now, because of our open kitchen, you can even see your sandwich being prepared by our expert chefs as you wait for it to come into your possession. The careful touch and organic ingredient will truly show you the extent of our appreciation and value for this cuisine.
Come now and experience one of the best Toronto veal sandwiches you have ever had!

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