Papamio’s Steak Sandwich: The Best in Toronto

Looking for an awesome steak sandwich in Toronto, Papamio’s has you covered! Many would say that we make the best steak sandwich in Toronto and we would definitely have to agree. We take pride in crafting the highest quality steak sandwiches in the city that keep our customers coming back for more. Sourcing only the highest quality meats, Papamio’s selects an immaculately marbled striploin steak, known for its rich and nuanced flavor, which sits in a bed of seasoning.

Existing in today’s world can be quite a challenge. The fast paced hustle and bustle of each day of the week ensures that you rarely get to experience the world around you. While this may be true, our experience dictates that making dining choices holds immense value for the majority. People want one time of the day where they are allowed to appreciate what’s in front of them and satisfy their most humanly desire of hunger. Our unbelievably delicious steak sandwich can make that happen!

We are lucky to have a customer base that takes out that extra time to visit our restaurant near Christie & Dupont, from different parts of the city, and marvel in the experience of the best steak sandwich in Toronto; the New York Striploin Steak Sandwich. It is truly an Italian classic with a twist.

Treat Yourself!

Here, at Papamio’s, we keep a staple taste and feel; authentic Italian. As such, our sandwiches are made using a a crusty roll fresh from the oven, tantalizing mushrooms garnished to perfection, soft and sticky caramelized onions, sautéed sweet peppers and an amalgamation of the perfectly balanced basil pesto, tomato sauce and hot sauce.

You can watch us make your sandwich before you very eyes in our open kitchen. Your heart will beat with excitement while you stomach growls in anticipation of the finest steak sandwich in the GTA.  With our New York Striploin Steak Sandwich, we offer you an experience that is truly like no other. Check out our menu for the finest steak sandwich in town!

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