The Best Meatball Sandwich in Town!

Amongst many other things, Italy is famous for its divine cuisine – and it should be as it is on of the finest cuisines in the world. However, not many get to witness the true Italian experience that can only be found in the beautiful country. But, just because you can’t go to Italy doesn’t mean you can’t find the Italian experience elsewhere.
If you’re looking for excellent quality and refined taste, Papamio’s is the place for you. With the best meatball sandwiches, Papamio’s offers you the finest Italian cuisine you can find in Toronto. Quality and authenticity are the basic principles we follow here at Papamio’s. We guarantee only the best produce and ingredients, nothing less.
A peek into the best meatball sandwich in Toronto …
The delicious homemade meatballs (using my Italian grandmother’s recipe) is accompanied by a freshly baked crisp bread roll garnished in an array of ingredients (all that work perfectly together). The blend of mushrooms, caramelized red onions, homemade creamy basil pesto sauce, and sweet peppers will surely tantalize your taste buds.
That’s not it, our special homemade Papamio’s rich tomato and hot sauce builds up the flavors of the meatball sandwich even more. There’s a reason why our sandwich is the best meatball sandwich in Toronto.
Dining at Papamio’s
If you choose to dine in at our restaurant located at 934 Manning Ave, Toronto, you will have the opportunity to observe the whole process happening live. The secret lies within the process – each sandwich is made with love and treated with respect.
At Papamio’s we do not believe in processed ingredients. We take pride and honor in the fact that all of our ingredients are fresh and 100% organic. As you sit at your table, closely observing your chef preparing your exquisite meal you will notice how carefully each element is handled. From the freshly cooked groundbeef meatballs to the famous tomato sauce. Every ingredient is like a brick in a house – if one brick is placed incorrectly, the whole house falls.

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