If you’re looking for the best fried chicken sandwich in Toronto, Papamio’s is the place to go. The care and excellence that goes into the preparation of each and every sandwich is what attracts people to this fine restaurant from all across the city. Freshly made in front of you, we serve an awe inspiring sandwich and that’s a fact!

What makes Papamio’s sandwich the best chicken sandwich in Toronto?

It is our belief that a sandwich has to feel inviting, warm and filling. As such, we use the best chicken imaginable. Imagine a juicy chicken so thick that it will shock the senses. Each bite you take will leave your stunned mind wondering, how is such deliciousness possible.

The chicken breast is tenderized then breaded. After that, it’s off to the fryer. Our chicken sandwich takes a slight bit longer to make on account of the thickness of the chicken breast, but believe me the wait is well worth it. You will truly believe and swear that Papamio’s makes the best fried chicken sandwich Toronto.

As the star of the sandwich, once the chicken has been prepared and cooked, the assembly begins. We roll out a tray of our freshly baked crusty rolls and pick one from the tantalizing selection. Once the bun is sliced in half, the middle is met by perfectly garnished soft and supple mushrooms along with sticky caramelized red onions. Next we top it off with sweet peppers that complete the texture of the sandwich in a combination of taste and freshness.

The last few steps revolve around one of our signature ingredients –the homemade pesto and tomato sauce. As a restaurant that has roots in authentic Italian cuisine, we take great pride in our heart warming, rich, creamy and delightful basil pesto, tomato and hot sauce. Combining these three sauces gives us the perfect Italian taste that leaves you wanting for nothing more than another bite of the delicious sandwich in front of you. It’s the perfect ratio between the meat, veggies and the sauce.

Here at Papamio’s, we promise you nothing short of excellence. Indulge in our fine Italian cuisine and become a part of the very best.

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